Fifth Missionary Journey
This was a different trip to Peru than all the previous trips. This time we were on a
medical missions trip to provide medical, dental and eye-care to the people in the
Cajamarca Region in the Andes Mountains of Northern Peru. We worked in  
Celendin, Peru and towns near to Celendin. Here a few pictures of our activities
while in Peru.
Our convoy of vehicles carrying
all of our supplies, workers,
interpreters, evangelist, etc.
Our youngest daughter on her
first trip to Peru, fitting a man
with reading glasses. His daughter
and grandson looking on.
Dr. Lambert performing surgery
on a patient with lots of help and
family members looking on too.
Passing out fresh baked bread to
the children who had come to the
medical clinic
Reclaiming our lost luggage which
customs had refused to release to
us until we returned to Lima on
our trip back to the states. This
luggage contained most of our
medical supplies and instruments
which we were able to send to
Cajamarca to replenish the
supplies that we had used from
their pharmacy.
The group waiting for everyone
to get their claims filed with the
airline for all our luggage that did
not arrive with us. We were able
to get most of our clothes
delivered to us after five days in
our travel clothes ;-)