MAY 2010
Bro. Carlos Valenzuela translating
and Bro. Bill Yancey teaching from
Pastor Elmer, the host and Pastor of the
Monte Sion Baptist Church in
Cajamarca, Peru. Located in the Andes
Mountains of northern Peru.
Bro. Carlos Valenzuela translating and
Bro. Robert Norton teaching from
Bro. Steve Ditmore, retired
missionary to Peru, teaching on the
Holy Spirit.
Bro. Frank Wise after teaching
from Ephesians
Bro. Eric Ertle after teaching
on the Trinity
This was the 2nd Pastor and Church Leader
Conference that we have held for those in the
Cajamraca Region of Northern Peru. The first
was in 2008 and this was in May 2010.

Leah and Jesus came to work with us at both
conferences and we love them both very
much. They were not planning on coming, but
at the last minute, they came and surprised us
when we came in for breakfst the first
morning. It was such a great reunion time.
Leah came from Trujillo to
work with the children.
Jesus, from Trujillo, also came to work
with the children