The Grand Poo Pa- Bill

Youngest Daughter & Bride- Audra Burris The Groom- Jamey Burris
Our Grandson- Hunter Burris

The Matriarch- Cindia
Our Oldest Daughter- Jessica Hogue
Audra, Jamey and Hunter Burris.
Jamey works in the family business refurbishing fuel nozzles for turbo-prop aircraft
engines in Mt. Juliet, TN.
Audra is a Portfolio Manager and Vice-President at First Tennessee Bank in
Nashville, TN.
                                   Yes......she is really that old !!
Jessica, Adam & William Henry

Jessica and Adam have moved to
Batesville, AR. She is a Speech
Language Pathologist with the
Batesville School District.

Adam is working at the White River
Medical Center as a CRNA (Certified
Registered Nurse Anesthetist).

Will Henry is just busy being Will
Henry, it's a full time job....and now we
have Harris Elizabeth our first
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