Our Third Missionary
Journey to Peru
Our first stop was to Trujillo, Peru and
a visit with the Alvites Family. Leah
and Jesus we had worked with on
previous trips and many others in this
family we had become friends with on
Facebook. Now, we got to meet
everyone in person and had such a
great evening in their home.
Then off to Cajamarca, Peru and our
home base at Villa Milagro. After a
little rest to get used to the altitude of
8,000+ ft. we went out on the street to
pass out the Spanish New Testaments
the Chapel at the North Central Unit of
the Arkansas Dept. of Corrections had
donated. Cindia is pointing a couple of
young men to Jesus and giving them a
New Testament.
Cindia said she will never forget the
two women running after us wanting a
Then on Sunday morning it was off to
the mountain village of Matara to
worship at the Baptist church there.
There is always such a sweet, sweet
spirit in that church.
Sunday afternoon, it was back to the
Monte Sion Baptist Church in
Cajamarca for the start of the 3rd
Pastors and Church Leaders
Conference. Twenty nine churches
from Northern Peru were represented
at the 3 day conference. Revival
meetings were also held every night.
After the conference, Cindia and I did
a little sight seeing on this trip. It was
off to Cuzco and a visit to Machu
Picchu. What an amazing place that
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